Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Oscar Wilde

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This Week

There’s this wooden paint box that was my great grandad’s, then my gran’s and now mine. It’s dying to be decorated and I want to paint something pretty on it, but I have no idea what. Somebody give me ideas please!

Oh yeah and I have to end this post with a question mark to allow people to reply so ?????

Things I’ve achieved today:

  • Slept from 1.45am-1.45pm (pretty impressive, I thought)
  • Skipped school coursework catch-up session (due to waking up seven hours late)
  • Did some painting (taking advantage of creative mood/not doing coursework or revision)
  • Let group of my sister’s friends explore my iPod (after discovering they thought that Basket Case by Green Day was the height of the human race’s musical achievement)
  • Ate a curry
  • Changed from paint-splattered pyjamas into non-paint-splattered pyjamas
  • Slept

Happy New Year!

At exactly midnight I was sitting in my friend’s bedroom with a girl who was being sick and various other people, all of us very drunk but happy (apart from, of course, the sick girl). Everyone downstairs was having a good time too and my friend’s dad proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes, which was really lovely, so overall it was a good night. I woke up on the sofa wearing some guy’s hat and my friend gave me a lift back home where Mum made me a cup of tea, so 2012 has been pretty great so far.

I’ve only just got around to making a list of resolutions. We did discuss it last night, but trying to remember it makes my head hurt, so I’ll start again.

In 2012, I will try to do the following:

  1. Be a better friend - I’ve broken this already by having a massive gossip session with my friends at four in the morning over jaffa cakes and cups of tea. We bitch about a certain person too much (but I guess it’s okay if said person is being selfish/slutty/annoying).
  2. Do more art - I need to re-teach myself to draw before I start my BTEC in Art & Design at college in September. I haven’t had an art lesson since last May and probably haven’t done anything vaguely creative since then, which is quite worrying. My gran’s moving into a little bungalow in Alsager soon from a large house in Congleton, and is having to get rid of 90% of her stuff (and trust me, there is a lot of stuff). This means she’s managed to persuade me to take several large rolls of paper in various thicknesses and colours along with various other art supplies, so I can start working my way through these.
  3. Think before I act - I made some stupid decisions in 2011, but I’ve definitely grown up a lot, and overthinking something is always better than regretting it later.
  4. Lose weight - Not going to happen, but I’ll put it on here anyway.

I’ll start working on these as soon as I’ve figured out away of getting this hat back to someone whose name I can’t even remember. It’s a lovely hat though and I’m tempted to keep it. 

Oh yeah, and the badly-coloured-in drawing is supposed to be me wearing my new dress. It’s slightly too short and shows a little too much cleavage, which is why I’m standing so awkwardly, although I imagine I looked somewhat less classy than in the picture last night with a plastic cup of powerade/vodka mix, poofy hair and ripped tights. Gah.